Review of Contentsamurai, a video making program

Review of Contentsamurai, a video making program


This is my  review of a video making program, ContentSamurai (an affiliate product) that I mentioned in my post, What Can I Do If My Child Has a Learning Disability?  I am a new user of this program but I think it can be very helpful. I have created several videos with this program that I have already inserted into several of my posts. Before using ContentSamurai I had no prior experience in making videos.  I found this program easy to learn and fun to use.

I have included here my first two videos to give you an idea of what you can accomplish using this video maker.  After writing the script used in the video, creation of each video took me less than 30 minutes, which included my learning curve.



As my example videos show, Contentsamurai allows you to make videos with a speaking voice reading the script you wrote or with just a sound background.  I chose to use one of the several computer generated voices available in the program, but I could have chosen to provide my own voice recorded script to go along with the videos or images I used.  You can adjust the speed of the video portion or the reading speed to a speed most satisfying to you.

You can use Contentsamurai to make videos using images of your own family as people in the video. You don’t need fancy video equipment.  You can use any smart phone or camera that takes individual pictures or makes videos to create files put on your computer.  Contentsamurai can use those files, both pictures (images) and videos,  in the creation of its videos.  I think you can see from my videos how useful making a family  video to engage  your child can be.  In fact, the uses you can put to making videos is limited only by your imagination.

About the Video Maker

Contentsamurai is easy to use. If my experience is typical, you can learn the program in under 30 minutes. Contentsamurai provides 5 short tutorial videos when you log into the program that take you step-by-step through the creation of a video. Basically you go from script (you write your own script) to video in minutes. I won’t go into any details on how to actually make a video in Contentsamurai  because using the tutorials is easy and explains everything you will need to know.

Contentsamurai provides for easy automated image suggestions and retrievals for insertion.  The program has a huge library of free videos and images that you can search within the program. Best of all for your purpose, you are able to upload your own images and videos from your own computer files. Using and inserting these videos and images is an easy, simple click process.

The uses for the videos you create are limited only by your own imagination.  The more videos you make, the easier it becomes and the more creative you can be.  You can use the videos you make to engage your child in fun and interesting focus points for little instructional messages.  Your child will easily relate to the familiar family images in the video.  Using the videos you create will provide a spring board for you to start conversations with your child on whatever teaching topics you want.  And as your child advances in learning you can create videos that are more educational and challenging.

Another benefit to using Contentsamurai is that you are not limited to using it just for your child’s educational needs.  It is a great video maker for other family purposes.  You can make holiday videos to send to family and friends or just videos to make your emails and family blogs more interesting.  As I have said several times, you are limited only by your own imagination.

The best part right now is that Contentsamurai offers a FREE 7 – day TRIAL period in which to explore and use the program. If you enroll in the program, either directly or as part of this trial period, the program will cost $35 per month. During the 7-day trial period you can make as many videos as you want and you will be able to keep and use these videos even if you choose not to enroll in the program.

In my opinion you have no reason not to try the FREE 7 – day TRIAL.  To accept the FREE 7-day Trial  just click here or on the button below. Click here to enroll directly in Contentsamurai and by-pass the free trial or click on the button below.


     FREE 7-day TRIAL


Direct Purchase of Program (no 7-day trial)



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  • Thank you for the review on ContentSamurai video making program, I have never heard of this program before, but it sounds like this program is easy to use, and would greatly benefit individuals who use videos to help promote their business.

    You did well in showing video clips that you have made with the program, and that should be very helpful in giving ideas to individuals about what the video making program can do.

    I believe that the opportunity to try the program for seven days is a great one, as it gives individuals the chance to try before they buy.

    Thanks again for your very informative review.

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