Reading Buddy Software Review – Improve reading fluency and comprehension

Reading Buddy Software Review – Improve reading fluency and comprehension


Product:  Reading Buddy Software, a down-loadable software program [an affiliate product]
For:  children in grades 1-8
How to Use:  on PC and Mac Compatible computers
Users:  Up to 4 children, separate accounts
Unlimited Technical Support
Cost:  $79/month.  Cancel anytime.
Rating:  9.5/10



Reading Buddy Software™ (RB) is an advanced speech recognition technology that listens, responds, and teaches as your child reads. It’s like having a tutor in your computer.  It is a software program that you download to a computer that your child uses to improve word fluency and comprehension.   RB says the software program is for children between 1st and 8th grade levels who already have some basic reading and vocabulary skills, but have difficulty in reading fluency and comprehension.

RB’s program is based on a teaching model known as “guided repeated readings.”  This involves having a child read the same passages with someone who listens and corrects reading errors at least 3-5 times a week.

RB is an advanced human-calibrated Responsive Speech Recognition technology that monitors your child’s reading.  It is constantly synced and always diagnosing.  When your child struggles with a word, RB’s patented pronunciation assessment engine triggers a visual cue and encourages self-correction.  If your child needs more help, the program alerts and pronounces the word to teach your child how to read it correctly.  Then, after your child learns to read the word fluently, he continues reading.  It is a kid-friendly interactive technology.  RB records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and tutors your child until his fluency and comprehension improves.

RB guides your child through a 7 step sequence of research-based strategies that RB claims will improve your child’s reading over 50% in 3 months.  RB accomplishes this improvement through repeated reading, fluency listening, personalized word practice, pronunciation mastery and comprehension testing.

According to parents who use RB, it will encourage your child to love to read.  RB has an extensive library of stories that shows your child how exciting reading can be.  RB uses a multi-layer motivation system to inspire your child to read without being asked.  RB has a customizable point and prize system, engaging games, encouraging voice-animated characters, and kid-friendly high-tech, combined to motivate even the most obstinate readers.



RB is ideal for busy parents who are challenged to give their child the time the child might need to improve his reading ability.  It provides reading strategies with a guaranteed out-come.  You will have access to a 1-click access to easy-to-read comprehensive progress reports and graphs.  You are able to listen to your child’s recorded readings anytime.



You can go to RB’s website,, to review the many testimonials to the success parents have had using RB to improve their children’s reading.

The only negative reviews have been from parents who have encountered problems with the software that could not be corrected by RB’s technical support.  From all reviews, it appears that when requested, RB promptly refunded payments.



I have not used this product myself.  But based on how I understand it works and the many positive reviews, I believe it is well worth visiting Reading Buddy Software’s site for any parent who needs some independent help in building a weak reader into a strong reader.  RB just might be the better and less expensive alternative to paying a reading tutor.  Your child can access this program as often as he wants, adding to the convenience of the program.


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