Why Teaching Children To Read


My name is Burton Green. Welcome to We Teach Children to Read. I created this website to assist parents to help their children become good readers at the earliest age. Studies have definitively shown that being able to read is one of the strongest predictors of success.  When a child learns to read is extremely important for that child’s development. Hopefully visiting this site will provide you the tools to meet your child’s needs and to work with your child to develop his or her learning to read at the earliest age and stage of development.


My story is unremarkable. I am now retired but was a practicing attorney for over 35 years. My experiences as an attorney working with people of all ages and backgrounds provided me the opportunity to observe many things about people. One thing in particular was consistent – people who had no difficulty reading coped better with life’s challenges than those whose reading ability was below average. I was so impressed with this fact that I learned to teach and volunteered to teach prison inmates getting out of prison to better their reading ability. While this was rewarding in itself, it also reinforced my belief that the ability to read at a high level was an extremely important skill in life. This eventually led me to develop this website.


I believe we all share a desire to help people when we can. I have the opportunity to help people to find life’s challenges less of a roadblock by developing one skill – the ability to read. Hopefully my small efforts in this direction will produce some good results.

Burton Green